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Bulletin for June 25, 2017

Sunday Services for June 25, 2017:

Song Leader Howard Tooley

Announcements Pete Jones

Opening Prayer Ken Norris

Communion Talk BJ Wood

Lord’s Table Jarrell Truitt Pat Nault

Ladd Sheets Charlie Pinson

Calvin Porter Steve Mitchell

Scripture Reading Joe Hoskins

Sermon Chris Vidacovich

Closing Prayer Ty Sharp

Door Greeters Dee Samford

Lisa Meador

Nursery Debi Nolan

Jan Norris

Bible Hour William, Holly &

Winter Curry

Sunday Evening Services

Announcements Pete Jones

Opening Prayer Ben Preston

Closing Prayer Don Moore

Rainy Day Thoughts

As I watched the weather forcast this week, I am aware that the weatherman is not always right. As of this writing, rain has not showed up as expected. Oh, sure a shower here and there, but not the storms predicted. I have always loved rainy days. I appreciate the water for our lawns, lakes, streams, etc. But just enjoy the occassional cloudy, rainy day. God is such a God of variety, making no two snowflakes, seashells, animals or people alike. I guess it goes that no two days are alike either. I am thankful for the variety of His plan and the stability of His promises.By:DeeSamford


“Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker” (Psalm 95:6)

We often experience spiritual “highs” after attending meaningful worship events or other emotional experiences like camps or retreats, but after the emotion wears off, often we return to life as normal. Isaiah had an incredible “spiritual high” experience, but it resulted in lifelong service to God. We need to understand that God’s holiness never fades, even when we aren’t experiencing it in an emotional way. As a result, God’s holiness calls us to continual worship and service.

Summer Schedule

• Cornerstone @ Oklahoma Christian (Middle School) – June 25th – 30th ($100)

• Vacation Bible School – July 9th – 12th

• Tulsa Inner City Mission – July 23rd – 28th ($75)

***Scholarships needed. Our congregation helps shoulder part of the cost of each of the camps for every student; however some students are still in need of full or partial scholarships. If you can help out with a full or partial scholarship please see Lane. Thank you for your support of the Chandler Street Youth Ministry.

UPDATES: Please pray for these loved ones…

Pete Bounds is still in Buckner Westminster Place, building E, for rehab. We are thankful for the blessing of his improvement.

Martha Tyner is at home. Please check with Lynn before visiting.

Paul Jackson has begun his treatments. He will have 43 in all and values your prayers.

Arlene Miller continues treatments. She appreciates our prayers.

What an answer to prayer to have Alice Stanglin back with us last Sunday.

Dawn Kampmann fell and broke her collar bone. She is in a lot of pain.

Maddie Sheets saw a neurologist. She has had mild seizures.

Todd Nault received good reports on all of his heart tests.

Ione’s son, Larry, had surgery on Thursday. They were not able to remove all of the cancer and will treat it with radiation.

LeeAnn Sheets dad, Ed Fry, fell on Tuesday and broke his hip. He is in TMF Tyler, and will have surgery soon.

Sam Daniel, the Kyles’ step grandson, brain tumor has returned. He will have tests this week.


NOTICE: Serving Our Country: Alden Curnutt, Derrick Davis, Josh Townlin, Elena Williams, Gabriel & Wendie Villanueva, Matt Eastwood, Joel Terry, Jared Anderson, Zack Phillips, Travis Korenek, Beck Stinsky, Tyler Brown, Dustin Stanton, Caleb Robbs, Jacob Whitworth, Justin Cheman, Jed Lloyd, Steve Yeates II, Nicole Levermann and Dakota McNeely.

Prayer List: Truman Couch, Shirley Carr, Teresa Guinn, Allen & June Reedy, Glen and Shirley Fullerton, Horace & Bettie Reynolds, Camelia Pace, Callie Robinson, Alice Stanglin, Ruth Bailey, Kimberly Brooks, Bill Valuck, Johnnie Davis (Britt’s dad), Amalie Underwood (Donna Vidacovich’s

mom), Margaret Brown, Charlotte Robbins (Pete Jones’ sister), Deela Clegg (Salyer’s daughter), Rooster Cogburn’s granddaughter, Kaitlyn Hill, Johnny Golleher, Arlene Miller, Ken Aggen, Bitsy Berryman and Bonnie Gomer.


Maxx Curry, son of William and Holly, was baptized on Wednesday, by Sam Howell. Also, Taylor Tackett was baptized by Lane, at camp this week. Thank God for these two young people and their decisions to follow Christ.

Please pray for our country each evening at 8:00 p.m.

Where’s Britt? This week, Britt will be in Austin, Texas.

VBS is coming!

Be sure to mark your calendars for Vacation Bible School, July 9th-12th. There are signup sheets in the foyer for teachers, helpers, etc. Please sign and let Lane know you are planning help. Let’s make this year another wonderful experience for the children attending.

Teachers Workshop: A workshop for teachers, ministers, and church leaders will be held at Cameron Road Church of Christ; in Austin, Texas, July 21-22. The keynote speaker will be Kirk Eason. More information is on the bulletin board in the foyer.

Smiles for a Child:

Many of you participate in Smiles for a Child each year. This is the program that sends shoeboxes filled with items for Christmas to Nicaragua. These are sent off in September in order for them to arrive in time for Christmas. There is a pamphlet on the bulletin board, in the foyer, with more information. This maybe a good time to start gathering items to avoid an extra expense all at one time. Several individuals or a small group can go in together to fill a box or several boxes. Also, be saving your shoeboxes to ship them in.

There are no Spiritual Reflections this week.